Paper 2

Paper 2: 1 hr 30 mins: 40%: This paper consists of 6 compulsory extended-response questions.

Awarding of marks
In addition to correct answers, marks are awarded for method, accuracy and reasoning. In paper 2, full marks are not necessarily awarded for a correct answer without working. Answers must be supported by working and/or explanations. Where an answer is incorrect, marks are given for correct method. All students should therefore be advised to show their working.

Syllabus coverage
• Knowledge of all topics is required for this paper. However, not all topics are necessarily assessed in every examination session.
• Individual questions may require knowledge of more than one topic.
• The intention of this paper is to test students’ knowledge of the syllabus in depth. The range of syllabus topics tested in this paper may be narrower than that tested in paper 1.
• To provide appropriate syllabus coverage of each topic, questions in this section are likely to contain two or more unconnected parts.

Question type
• Questions require extended responses involving sustained reasoning.
• Individual questions may develop a single theme or be divided into unconnected parts. 
• Questions may be presented in the form of words, symbols, diagrams or tables, or combinations of these.
• Normally, each question reflects an incline of difficulty, from relatively easy tasks at the start of a question to relatively difficult tasks at the end of a question. The emphasis is on problem solving.

Mark allocation
• This paper is worth 90 marks, representing 40% of the final mark.
• Questions in this section may be unequal in terms of length and level of difficulty. Therefore, individual questions may not necessarily be worth the same number of marks. The exact number of marks allocated to each question is indicated at the start of each question.
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